“Feel Like a woman, wear a dress”, said the Belgian-born American fashion designer who globally revolutionized women’s wardrobes in the 70s with her liberating wrap dress. No wonder Newsweek dubbed her ‘the most marketable woman since Coco Chanel.’ Not only marketable, also remarkable! Rumor has it that it was her divorce from German Price Egon von Furstenberg that triggered DVF to think outside the fairy-tale bubble and create something with her own style stamp. Perhaps it also was the ingrained life motto her mother, a Holocaust survivor, taught her, that “fear is not an option.” Either way, Vogue’s Diane Vreeland pronounced the wrap dress to be “absolutely smashing”. And the rest is history. I was elated to meet DVF in Paris in 2010 where she gave me the inside scoop of her then-soon-to-opened-Sydney-boutique. Seeing her figure also made me want to take up yoga.


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