On Tuesday we celebrated my Mum’s birthday. I mentioned in this post what an amazing lady she is and how invaluable she is to me. She really is the most giving and caring person I know. Although she lives an hour away, she often visits us to help me look after Winston. Some days I come home and find that she’s cleaned the dishes, done the laundry, cleaned the house, cooked dinner and the filled our fridge! Yeb, her nickname is Speedy Gonzalez.

Out of everything that I have to thank my Mum for, it is the gift of education. You see, my parents were not wealthy, and they never received private education (there were no such thing as private schools back in their days in Shanghai!). But despite their financial hardship, Mum insisted on sending me to a private school to receive the best education they could (barely) afford.

My parents’ friends tried to talk them out of it, highlighting the fact that they would have to work five jobs between the two of them to pay for my tuition, reminding them that I was “just a girl” and therefore “would just be a waste of money” as “she’s just going to get married any way“. But Mum didn’t budge. She believed in me. So my parents juggled multiple part time jobs and eschewed many of life’s pleasures in exchange for my education.

My eyes well up as I think about my Mum’s sacrifices. If she’d wavered, if she’d given into the opinions of others, if she’d considered her own needs… I wouldn’t be sharing this with you today as I probably wouldn’t be a veterinarian/blogger. Thank you Mum so so so much. I love you, and I thank God for you every day.

DSC00229 DSC00233
My Mum & Winston – wearing some of her knitted creations!

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