Last week I had the utmost pleasure of attending a luncheon that celebrated the launch of the sweet collaboration between Leonard St and Woman With Drive. womanwithdrive.com.au is an online magazine created by Posche Australia dedicated to its discerning female customers. It boasts a range of fabulous topics from boosting your business on social media to how to buy art. The articles are informative, relevant and concise, perfect for the multi-tasking Porsche Woman. I even found an article on a workout for your face!

Amanda McCarthy, the designer of Leonard St, is so humble she said that she ‘had no idea’ why Porsche asked her to design the scarf. But if you’re a Leonard St fan, or if you’ve see this post, or this post, or this one, you’ll know exactly why Porsche Australia chose her! It is precisely Amanda’s effortless style, down-to-earth attitude, as well as her fun and whimsical prints that sets her label apart. Her creations are never fussy, restrictive or too trendy. They ooze originality and a sense of humour. Plus, her pieces are keepers.

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This collaboration saw the creation of the perfect accessory for any woman with drive – a beautiful, elegant, and classic silk driving scarf. Featuring the silhouette of the iconic Porsche 356 and the glamour of a Grace Kelly style profile, albeit a brunette version, the scarf illustrates the feeling of freedom, control and elegance. Made from 100% silk, this Leonard St for Woman With Drive scarf is a timeless piece for every Porsche Woman.



The 6 course banquet took place at Supernormal on Flinders Lane. It was a private, intimate affair. Amanda handpicked the women in her life she believed to be ‘With Drive’ to attend the luncheon. I also told her that I had no idea why she picked me. I can’t say that I’m exactly a woman with drive, but at least I do drive! It was such an honour to graze and chat with stylist Emily Ward, editor of the Sunday Age Magazine Veronica, journalist Jane Rocca, and writer Emily Power, that I completely lost track of the time…

DSC07397Pickles Sesame Cucumber Moonlight Flat Rusty Wire Oyster Pickled bonito: the perfect appetizers.

DSC07398Black sesame spicy braised eggplant: they melted in your mouth.DSC07399DSC07401Wasabi leaf New England lobster roll white cut chicken: I still drool when I see this photo. The bread roll was toasted just the right amount.

DSC07402DSC07403Housemade tofu prawn & chicken dumplings covered in chill & vinegar sauce: I can’t wait to garnish our homemade dumplings this way too now!

DSC07405DSC07406DSC07407Pulled Korean BBQ pork shoulder served with pickled cabbage: most of us were quite full when we got to the main course, but how could anyone turn down pulled pork?


And the course de resistance: Peanut Butter parfait, salted caramel & soft chocolate. I could eat this every day.DSC07409

And of course, just in case we were still hungry, sesame cookies would have been quite filling.

I was so engrossed in conversation, and perhaps feeling sedentary from the incoming food coma, it was only when I received a text from hubby saying “Honey, Winston is getting hungry…” that I realised 4 hours had flown by! Talk about ladies that lunch! Or at least in this case, ladies with drive that lunch :)

Thanks so much Porsche and Leonard St for having me at Supernormal. I can’t wait to come back wearing my Leonard St x Porsche scarf!