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by cecylia on June 27, 2014

DSC00285 Last week I had the good fortune of attending the opening of Emporium Melbourne’s Lower Ground Food Court. We were invited by Monica Lim, the owner of Ramen Ya and Fame Agenda! You may recall seeing the stylish lady in my Dolce & Gabbana post.

Although I’ve know Monica for a few years now, she never ceases to amaze me. OK I will admit, I’m actually a little in awe of her. Lawyer, business woman, restauranteer, fashion designer, and mother of two, I’ve not met anyone as intelligent, generous and still as down-to-earth as Monica. Plus, she also plays the piano!

Ramen Ya, serving the best Japanse tonkotsu ramen ramen noodles in Melbourne, used to reside at the heritage GPO building. Now it calls the newly opened Emporium Melbourne home. “Ramen Ya” literally means Ramen Shop in Japanese, and “ramenya” in Indonesian means “it’s so busy”. What a perfect name for this delicious ramen joint!

DSC00278 Winston snuggling up to Jane Hayes DSC00286Monica, Leeyong (ex-Japan-Vogue-fashion-editor, jewellery designer, check out the fair-trade earrings she’s wearing!!!), Elaine (stylist extraordinaire) and Diba (the fabulous PR lady who organised this event) sharing a smile between all the culinary conquests.

DSC00283Who knew that someone so little could have so much charisma? Even the formidable Janice Breen Burns (Editor of VoxFrock) was hooked :) DSC00279 Hubby and I love ramen because we are Naruto-fans :)

DSC00290Winston wanted to try some too! DSC00295

Although I’d not seen the divine Marianne for a few months (she’s been off frolicking in Europe), we both arrived  sporting printed dresses and green coats. Clearly the only thing I’d forgotten is a flick of red lippie. But with all the dishes awaiting to be sampled, my Tom Ford Wild Ginger wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Where: Lower Ground Level Emporium Melbourne

Wear: Vintage Cardigan & Dress / YSL Pumps

Chinese Translation (Click below to read)

上周,我有幸参加墨尔本Emporium商场的美食广场的开幕。我们由Monica Lim的邀请,参加了她拉面店的开幕!


“拉面雅”,墨尔本最棒的日本猪骨拉面,以前居住在传统的邮政总局大楼。 “拉面雅”的日文字面意思是“拉面店”,在印尼文的意思它是“ramenya”译“它是如此地忙碌!”。这名字多巧啊!

虽然最近几个月我没有见到我的朋友Marianne(她去了欧洲度蜜月),我们俩却同时穿着绿色大衣来参加这次的开幕宴会。显然,我完全忘记涂口红。但既然有那么多菜等着我品尝,我的Tom Ford口红肯定待不了多久。。。

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Mica June 27, 2014 at 8:44 am

Love your green cardi! Looks like such a fun event too. Winston is such a little charmer!


cecylia June 27, 2014 at 10:12 pm

it was indeed- a very yummy event that’s for sure!!


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