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The 400 co “Genius” Jacket / Antonia Goy Dress / Vintage sunglasses, Belt & clutch / Arezzo Heels

The last time I wore this inkblot/topographical/butterfly-print dress was in Paris. Because of its easy breezy shape, hubby recommended it when I was complaining that I didn’t have anything to wear whilst I was pregnant. But the silk number disappeared into the messy abyss of my wardrobe and I didn’t see it again until recently. Even though I’d completely forgot how I’d styled it 4 years ago, I got a huge shock when I dug out this post. Can you believe it?! The similarities are uncanny! Right down to the purple heels! I think this coincidence is the result of:

a) the fact that according to neuroscientists, we never forget our experiences, everything we see, hear, smell and feel are eternally stored in our memories, hence why we have those weird dreams, and that’s why we ought to be careful what we expose ourselves to…or the fact that

b) the best combination to style up this fancy frock is a slim-fitting blazer, a charming belt, and equally interesting heels, full stop. Or because…

c) I somehow foresaw that Pantone would name their colour of the year to be Radiant Orchid in 2014, or maybe

d) Yves Saint Laurent knew it all along: “Fashion fades, but style is eternal.”

Guess some things never change, and some fashion formulae last forever. How would you style this dress?