Interview with Nicola Finetti

by cecylia on August 16, 2013


Nicola Finetti Jacket / Feathers Knit / Sophia Kokosalaki Skirt / PeepToe pumps / Tilkah Necklace / Nach Ring / Vintage glasses (Similar Pair Here), earrings & clutch

As soon as I received my first pay-check, I headed over to Nicola Finetti’s QV boutique in Melbourne. I was working at Miss Sixty selling denim, but my heart longed for silk, organza and elegance. A veteran in the Australian fashion industry, Nicola Finetti started his label over a decade ago. I’ve been a fan since I was a teen. Recently I had the opportunity to interview the designer to ask about his covetable label, his background in architecture and his favourite hobbies.

Nicola Finetti admits that he is a very driven, innovative and creative person. Having studied architecture, he is well-read in the art field. His SS13/14 collection is inspired by op-art artist Victor Vasarely, who is renowned for his incredible colourful optical illusions in the 60s. The collection boasts structured tailoring and contemporary cuts in clashing geometric prints. I’m sporting a neutral version in the post, but you can check out the full range [HERE]. Nicola loves to travel and immerse himself in the culture of each city he ventures to. He has lived in 3 continents (Europe, South America and Australia), each over a decade long. He counts movies, icons, nature, cities and street style as his top inspirations for each of his collections. One thing he said to me which I will never forget is: Fashion is like your home, it represents who you are on the inside.

Well, now you know what I’ll be doing this weekend! Sprucing up my home!

小时后,一当我收到了每周的收入,我就会前往墨尔本QVNicola Finetti 的精品店去看时装。当时我在Miss Sixty工作,买牛仔裤,但我的心渴望着丝绸,纱和优雅的款式。算是澳洲时尚老将,Nicola Finetti十几年前开始了他的品牌。自从他刚开始经营,我一直爱着他的时装。最近,我非常荣幸有机会采访这位设计师,问他关于他的灵感,他的爱好,和他的背景。

Nicola Finetti承认,他是一个非常勤奋,并有创造性的人。年轻时他读了建筑,对艺术届来说他是个专家。他SS13/14系列的灵感来自运艺术的艺术家Victor Vasarely。Victor丰富多彩的光学幻觉艺术作品在60年非常代闻名。Nicola Finetti的新系列带有结构性的剪裁与现代化的印花。我穿着新季节的摩托车夹克,你可以在[这里]看到整个系列。Nicola Finetti爱旅行,沉浸在每个城市的文化中。他曾经住在3大洲(欧洲,南美和澳大利亚),每洲待了十多年。他说启发来自于电影,图标,自然,城市和街头风格。有一件事,他对我说,我永远不会忘记:时尚就像你的家,它代表了你里面的世界。


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Anna-lamode August 16, 2013 at 7:18 am

I seriously want everything in your closet. Love the neon colors of the top and that necklace is so pretty and really stands out against the bright colors. I love that moto style jacket as well! : )



the sydney girl August 16, 2013 at 4:33 pm

looking gorgeous!!!!!!!!! X


Mica August 16, 2013 at 7:13 pm

That is such a beautiful jacket! :) I really like the bright top with it too :)

Travelling and “immersing yourself in the culture” sounds so wonderful! And that is a lovely quote, although yes I also need to spruce up my home a bit. Maybe at least tidy…haha.


qiya an August 16, 2013 at 7:38 pm

“Fashion is like your home, it represents who you are on the inside. ”

i love this sentence so much! from the dressing, i see how you are, lady~


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