Wow this must be one of the only blog posts I’m not wearing any vintage! Before you scroll down to the clothing credits, let me introduce you to my latest obsession: this asymmetric raincoat by Leonard St. It’s super light, rain repellent, has 2 cute pockets, and is ultra slimming. You can’t tell I’m 5 months pregnant in it! Plus, the high collar makes me feel like a ninja and the cobalt blue is rather easy on the eye. I’m utterly in love! I sure hope to bring this piece to New York later on this year :)
karenwoo_ckee_041 karenwoo_ckee_043 karenwoo_ckee_045 karenwoo_ckee_032karenwoo_ckee_042
Leonard St Coat / Betty Browne Tee DressSarah Conners Python Clutch / Erstwilder Earrings (from Birdsnest.com.au) / Paula Walden Ring / YSL Pumps

Photos by Fashion Photography Melbourne

Who ever said that blue and green shouldn’t be seen may have been colour blind. I can’t think of a better hue than green as a pairing for blue, ok maybe white… and yellow… and maybe even orange. But my point is, when paired correctly, the colours are so complimentary your eyes are in blissful harmony, they brighten your day in two fold! I dashed off to work at the vet clinic right after these photos yesterday. Removing nail polish whilst driving was no easy feat. But then again, neither is posing next to a train station whilst trying to ignore countless onlookers.

I blame it on the eye-catching raincoat.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!