Can you believe that this cape was part of a school uniform in the 50s? I’m so thankful that there’s finally been a little bit of sunshine in Melbourne lately, it’s been rather wet in the past few weeks, making taking blogging photos rather impossible. But luckily, the sun finally greeted with an enthusiastic royal wave, just in time for me to don this Neo Dia ‘UV print’ dress. The Melbourne-based designers continue to create cutting-edge pieces that are innovative but not theatrical, luxurious and yet comfortable. I’ve layered this dress with a black turtleneck , but it will look ultra modern and chic in the warmer months on its own. And can you notice something?

Neo Dia Dress / Joanna Cave necklace / Vintage Shades, Cape, Cuff & Clutch / Country Road Skivvy

You may have been distracted by this fine print, but if you read between the lines, you’ll see that I’ve been waiting for something to ‘appear’ to finally tell you my latest news. I’m sporting a 4 month old bump. A baby bump. Before it appeared, I must admit, I panicked a little.  So I overindulged in food just so I can ‘push it out’ a little bit. Because what’s worse? Looking pregnant, or looking like one’s constantly suffering from a post-prandial bulge?

Ok, body change issues aside, I’m thrilled to announce that at the end of November the Kees will become parents to a little Kee (funny that…). It’s still really surreal. Not too long ago, I was still adamant that I will never ever have kids (just like the “I’m never going to get married!” statement I made in my adolescence). Being an only child and having had negative experiences with babies made me believe that they’re the most annoying ‘things’ in the world when I was younger. Plus, Chihuahuas are way more fun than babies! Aren’t they?

But God has a great sense of humour. Slowly, through divine intervention and miraculous circumstances, my heart and attitude started to change. So when hubby and I were finally ready for kids, voila, it happened, effortlessly. I’m still not clucky at all, nor am I particularly excited about giving birth. What I am excited about, is having a baby with Chian, the love of my life.

I’ve been contemplating about how to break this news to you for a while, so hopefully I’ve done it justice. And don’t you worry, is not going to transform into a maternity blog as I refuse to compromise style for shape, hence why I love this Neo Dia dress so much! The blog will still feature Cecylia, in her designer/vintage garb, although all the pictures will be photo-bombed by Mini Kee…