Last week I had the pleasure of lunching with my blogger friends at David‘s. I always feel healthier after visiting the Prahran restaurant located on Cecil Place (Another reason why I love this place is because my childhood nickname was Cecil). The detoxing teas and nutritious meals somehow not only help prevent me from overeating, they always ensure that I feel clean and healthy afterwards. We were very fortunate to sit down with the Chinese medicine maestro himself. David informed us about the various health benefits of his teas. There are concoctions for nearly every ailment-  low energy, bad skin, indigestion, insomnia, poor circulation, the list goes on. The newest tea release at David’s is Diamonds & Roses, a beautiful blend of Chinese fruits, roses and green tea that offers boundless health benefits. It is excellent for skin and circulation so I am going to rely heavily on it this winter!


The vegetable dish in the 6th photo (or 3 up from here) is so healthy I literally feel like I’m getting a detox by eating it. My mother is an organic green grower and this is one vegetable she swears by. I have no idea what it is called in English, but it is has excellent cleansing and cooling properties. Maybe just ask for ‘Chinese vegetable’ and the waiters will know what you’re talking about. As I said in [THIS POST], visiting David’s is like going home to mom who lavishes me with healthy and nutritious dishes. I often lament about how healthy I used to be when I grew up on my mother’s meals, and in contrast how irresponsible my diet is nowadays… I recently brought mom to David’s for Mother’s Day dinner and was secretly afraid that she may be disappointed by the dishes, since she is such an awesome Shanghainese cook and is ridiculously picky about her home-town cuisine. But I’m proud to tell you that David’s is now her favourite Asian restaurant. And for her to say that is an unbelievable feat. Plus, with her limited English, she doesn’t even realise that it’s on a street with the same nickname as her daughter…