I’ve never been a swimmer. The only stroke I’ve ever mastered is the doggy-paddle. Growing up in Shanghai, I rarely had the luxury of lapping in pools, so by the time I came to Melbourne, the fear of a large body of water had already engulfed me. I still recall being sick endlessly riding on the waves of the Great Barrier Reef on a boat cruise with my parents. All the freshest seafood couldn’t save me. And when came time for us to go snorkelling, I was so terrified of the sea I ended up paddling in a 2 x 3 m cage next on the ship whilst my parents bravely fronted the reef to explore all its wondrous under-the-sea marvels. My only participation during high school swimming carnivals was cheering on the contestants and playing card games with friends when the teachers weren’t watching. And when I’m on holidays, I paddle for a minute and try a few backstrokes before reclining on a lounge, nose in a book. The water is just not for me. But you’ll be glad to know that this is a fully-clothed shoot, and I look surprisingly unfazed sitting next to a large body of chlorinated H20.



Wear: Spijkers en Spijkers Jacket / Vintage Sunglasses & Earrings / Vintage blouse / Edenborough Evans Cuff / Amy Kaehne Shorts / Miss Sixty Heels (last seen HERE)

Where: at the 17 metre indoor swimming pool and spa at Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park

This is my other take on the Metallic trend, see the first version [HERE]. I’ve had this jacket for a while now and have never worn it because of its boxy cut but when worn as a cape, it’s rather empowering. These threads appear like they’re from a Rumpelstiltskin tale, no wonder they provided me with the courage to withstand ‘The Deep End’ and the ‘Slippery Surface’. On a side note, it’s amazing what a little bit of steam can do for one’s complexion. The warmth from the indoor poor gave me a radiance that no serum could provide. So, how do you feel about swimming? Or have you ever been ‘thrown into the deep end’?