Happy Friday lovelies! I hope you’ve had a fun-filled week, if you happen to be going down to the Mornington Peninsula this weekend, I want to introduce you to The Alley, which a group of us fashion bloggers discovered 2 weekends ago. No this is not a sponsored post, I was simply so smitten with this vintage store/café that I’ve got to share it with you. Imagine you’ve just enjoyed a deluxe bathing session at the Peninsula Hot Springs. Being marinated in warm thermal water has serious appetite-inducing effects. You arrive at The Alley, hunger-stricken, just a few more steps until you reach the café door. You stagger past the quirky and colourful wall-art. A pair of love-stricken flamingos and cheerful herb pots greet you warmly, “Welcome to The Alley!” they chime. Well, at least that was how it was played in my famished mind. Once I’m in, my eyes are already feasting. Why settle for one moist brownie when you can also sample the lemon drizzle cake, the freshly creamed scone, the berry friand and the polenta nectarine cake? One of each please! And so I found it. The perfect cure for post-bath-hunger: sugar by the plate. Vintage English China plates of course.

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When my sweet-tooth was satisfied and thirst quenched by the unexpected concoctions of herbal teas, I had the energy to explore Felix, the vintage store at the front of the café. No wonder I felt so at home, all around me are vintage tables, chairs, couches, clothes, décor pieces, books and jewellery. There was something waiting to be discovered at every corner. The store has a similar slogan to that of my previous store, “Unique, Antique, Boutique”, mine was ‘Chic, Unique, Boutique”. Vintage homewares and exlusive fashion labels have been hand-picked by owner Max for our visual enjoyment. I found Candice a pair of rosegold-plated horseshoes here, on our Bloggers Retreat. When you come to visit, make sure you order a up of tea and allocate some quality time for treasure-hunting. It’s the perfect place to spend a Saturday.

Felix & The Alley 167 Point Nepean Road, Dromana, Victoria, Australia 3936(03) 5981 4624