The first thing I asked Jacqui Demkiw, the designer of White Suede, when I met her for the first time last week was the origin of her label’s name. I couldn’t help it. It’s been bugging me for years. Why white? Why not white? It serves as a blank canvas for her imagination which allows her to be expressive and creative. And suede? Because it’s textural, tactile and luxurious. Suede is both enduring and comforting. If you’re a die-hard White Suede fan, then you will be nodding in unison with my remarks. We are all drawn to the brand for its cutting-edge designs, and if you’re not, you don’t know what your wardrobe is missing out on! Season after season, the designs are right on trend but have staying power. They last the test of time. Jacqui’s secret lies in her clever constructions and deluxe fabrications. Garments are cleverly cut with military precision to both flatter and empower its wearer. I had the pleasure of previewing the new SS14 collection. How it brought me back to my previous buying/boutique days



Emily in Lover, Lisa (The Graduation) and Emily’ friend

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The White Suede Team: the centre lady is Jacqui’s sister, Zoe, a model and a baker…

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Circa The Prince served as the perfect intimate space for meet-the-designer-and-drool-all-over-her-clothes event. I was so thrilled by the new White Suede collection I forgot to get a photo of Jacqui! From May through to September, the SS14 “White Noise” collection, inspired by Jacqui’s favourite 2 cities Tokyo and Paris, will be arriving in stores. Expect a harmonious mix of East meets West with a ‘Sports Luxe’ twist in Jacqui’s signature architectural shapes and sleek lines. I cannot wait to get my hands on the perforated leather pieces. And my heart is still set on that candy-floss pink V-neck dress. Oh and on a side note, the Bake Me Cake Me Vanilla and Lemon Curd cupcake that I engulfed immediately after the launch still haunts my lemon-meringue-obsessed-palate. So delicious! And to think that Zoe Demkiw, Jacqui’s sister and fit-model, is able to be both a successful model and a baker (!) just makes me want to reach for another cupcake…