White Noise

by cecylia on April 22, 2013

The first thing I asked Jacqui Demkiw, the designer of White Suede, when I met her for the first time last week was the origin of her label’s name. I couldn’t help it. It’s been bugging me for years. Why white? Why not white? It serves as a blank canvas for her imagination which allows her to be expressive and creative. And suede? Because it’s textural, tactile and luxurious. Suede is both enduring and comforting. If you’re a die-hard White Suede fan, then you will be nodding in unison with my remarks. We are all drawn to the brand for its cutting-edge designs, and if you’re not, you don’t know what your wardrobe is missing out on! Season after season, the designs are right on trend but have staying power. They last the test of time. Jacqui’s secret lies in her clever constructions and deluxe fabrications. Garments are cleverly cut with military precision to both flatter and empower its wearer. I had the pleasure of previewing the new SS14 collection. How it brought me back to my previous buying/boutique days



Emily in Lover, Lisa (The Graduation) and Emily’ friend

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The White Suede Team: the centre lady is Jacqui’s sister, Zoe, a model and a baker…

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Circa The Prince served as the perfect intimate space for meet-the-designer-and-drool-all-over-her-clothes event. I was so thrilled by the new White Suede collection I forgot to get a photo of Jacqui! From May through to September, the SS14 “White Noise” collection, inspired by Jacqui’s favourite 2 cities Tokyo and Paris, will be arriving in stores. Expect a harmonious mix of East meets West with a ’Sports Luxe’ twist in Jacqui’s signature architectural shapes and sleek lines. I cannot wait to get my hands on the perforated leather pieces. And my heart is still set on that candy-floss pink V-neck dress. Oh and on a side note, the Bake Me Cake Me Vanilla and Lemon Curd cupcake that I engulfed immediately after the launch still haunts my lemon-meringue-obsessed-palate. So delicious! And to think that Zoe Demkiw, Jacqui’s sister and fit-model, is able to be both a successful model and a baker (!) just makes me want to reach for another cupcake…


上周我第一次遇见了Jacqui Demkiw,White Suede的设计师。问她的第一个问题就是她品牌名称的由来。多年来我一直想知道答案。为什么“白色”?Jacqui说白色是每位有想象力的空白画布,使她在其中能发表她的表现力和创造性。那麂皮呢?因为它独特的纹理,优美的触感和豪华的质量。麂皮作的衣服具有持久性和安慰感。如果你很久就知道White Suede,那么你一定对这品牌的时装有深刻的印象。我们都被那有条线的设计和精致的加工迷住了。每个季节,White Suede的时装都很摩登但又有永久性的气质。它们经得起时间的考验。Jacqui的秘密就在于她巧妙的结构和豪华的制造。我有幸预览新的夏季14收集,使我带回我以前为我的店买精品的日子

预览是在St Kilda的Circa The Prince完美的私密空间举行的。我是如此高兴去看新的集合我忘记拍了设计师的照片!从五月至九月,SS14“白噪音”收集会逐渐进入商店里。这季节的时装是由Jacqui最喜欢的2个城市:东京和巴黎受的启发。你会发现东西合璧的搭配与“运动豪华”的风格。White Suede标志性的建筑形状和圆滑的线条扭曲依然明显地在这季节里。我期待着穿孔皮革的时装和我最爱的糖果松粉红色的V领连衣裙。哦,当天晚上的另一个亮点是上面照片里的柠檬小蛋糕。回家的路上我立即吞吃了它。很不公平的事是这些美味蛋糕是由Jacqui的妹妹Zoe Demkiw作的。她是个模特,但也是为著名的蛋糕师!

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Mica April 22, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Such lovely pieces! I really like that third picture – I love the purple printed dress and the white jacket! The cupcakes look (and sound!) yummy too.


cecylia April 23, 2013 at 6:05 pm

the cupcakes are haunting my belly :D


Brittany April 23, 2013 at 5:58 am

Gorgeous collection!

Brittany @DigitallyLUX


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