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Day 2 of MBAFW started with a witch hunt. I met Perth fashion designer Betty Tran (See below in a photo with Harpers Bazaar editor Kellie Hush) for tea in the morning in my ‘gym clothes’ (not really, I’ve never set foot in a gym, but it was namely a black sweatshirt and black leather shorts) when I spotted the lady with a bewitching hat. I tried to chase her down, but within seconds she vanished into thin air… Ok, I admit, I wasn’t wearing glasses and my heels were not designed for running. I’d seen a few fashionistas these 2 days channelling a little bit of Saint Laurent AW13 with their witchy blacks but I was determined to find this lady in question. Her hat was irresistible. It just so happened she was waiting next to me before the Manning Cartell show, her hat is custom-made by Hatmaker (ask for Jonathan and he’ll create a one-off creation for you), she is Carolina, a stylist and creative director for Nicola Finetti. I grew up lusting after his clothes. Every Sunday I used to visit his QV boutique after church, leaving my fingerprints all over his silks, feathers and embroideries. Maybe if you own one of his pieces from 2000-2002 it still has my DNA on it hehehe…anyway, I think a bespoke hat is the next lust/must-have don’t you?

DSC01622Carolina in her self-designed hat made by Hatmaker


Sacha Strebe, online editor for Fashion Exposed, in an alluring Zara jumpsuit


Harpers Bazaar Editor Kellie Hush & designer Betty Tran

DSC01617 DSC01619

The scenic Victoria Park is so serene and beautiful.


Plus, Sydney has so many amazing vintage stores! Meet my new/old pyramidal backpack bag.

DSC01625 DSC01628The highlight of Day 2 was seeing a fluffy pooch attend the Manning Cartell show and of course the show per se. Cast your mind back here and you’ll see why it brought me a mixture of sweet dejavu and home-sickness. Turns out that Carolina (See 1st photo) is this little dog’s dog-sitter. He sat obediently on his owner’s Gucci bag during the show despite the lights, the models and the music. I repeat. De ja vu.

Whether or not you like white, the Manning Cartell sisters are here to convert this SS13/14. You’ll find yourself mysteriously sporting a healthy glow just so you can slip into these stark white, highly structured, sometimes sheer, sometimes perforated and ultra-comfortable pieces. Khaki makes a star appearance, in leather of course, but a mish-mashed geometric print in soft cottons stole the limelight towards the end of the show. There are references to Alexander Wang’s all-white SS13 collection with sheer stripe panels, and one could argue that the hexagonal pattern may be inspired by Alexander McQueen’s SS13 honeycomb motifs. But that’s none of my beeswax. This summer I simply cannot wait to cover my shoulders in kimono sleeves, bare my midriff sans belly-ring and maybe give my white lab-coat a DIY make-over!


悉尼第2天早上我穿着’运动服’(不是真的运动服’,我从来没有踏进健身房,黑色运动衫和黑色皮短裤)与珀斯时装设计师 Betty Tran见面(见下面的照片,她与时尚Harpers Bazaar主编Kellie Hush)。我看了一位女郎戴着迷人的帽子。我试图追她,但她在几秒钟内消失得无影无踪……好吧,我承认,我并没有不戴眼镜,穿的高跟鞋的也不适合跑步。这2天我看到了许多时尚女郎引用了 Saint Laurent冬季的风格,很多人被带有魔术的黑色款式吸引。我下定了决心要找到这位女士。她的帽子是不可抗拒的。正巧我们在参加Manning Cartell秀之等着时,她正站在我旁边。她的帽子定做由悉尼著名帽子设计师Hatmaker 定制作的。她叫Carolina,悉尼服装设计师Nicola Finetti的创意总监。我小时候被他的衣服迷住。每个星期天参加教会后,我就去看他在QV店里的精品。他的服装由丝绸,羽毛和刺绣作成。也许,如果你若拥有他的作品,它仍然有我的指纹呵呵呵……我觉得一个定制的帽子是个多么美妙的必需品,你不觉得吗?

第2天的亮点是看到一个蓬松的狗参加Manning Cartell秀,当然秀本身也十分棒。如果你回到这里,你就会明白为什么看到这只小狗给我带来了混合的感觉:甜密的的DEJAVU和相思(家)病。原来,我旁边的Carolina(见照片一)就是这只小狗的保姆。尽管灯光亮,模特多,音乐响,他乖乖地坐在他的主人的Gucci包上。就像我的狗狗Theodore.

无论你喜不喜欢白色,Manning Cartell姐妹即将在这个夏天会转化你。你会发现自己的皮肤会带有运动健康的光泽,让你能穿进这些鲜明白色的,高度结构化的,有时是纯粹的,有时有穿孔的并超舒适的服装。卡其色的皮革出现几次,但最抢走风头的是软棉作的印花套装。Manning Cartell的新作品带有点Alexander Wang的白色SS13的风格。她们的六角形图案也好像受了Alexander McQueen的SS13蜂窝图案被激发。今年夏天,我期待能穿日式服袖子,也许也给我的白色实验室外套一些改造!


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Mica April 10, 2013 at 9:31 pm

Aww I laughed out loud when I saw the doggy photo! So well behaved, what a cutie. Just think how excited your pups will be when you get back home, and enjoy soaking up fashion week while you can :)

Can see why you ran after Carolina too – what a lovely outfit! :) The hat definitely makes it.

The all white I’m not too sure of though – it is a look I will admire on others as I’m much too clumsy to wear it myself, haha.


Christina @ Hair Romance April 11, 2013 at 12:43 am

Lovely to meet you! Hope you’re having a fab time in Sydney xx


Anne April 11, 2013 at 4:35 am

This looks amazing! So great


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