Melbourne experienced its desperately-needed torrential downpour yesterday. The thirsty land and parched ground welcomed the heavy heaven drops, but a photoshoot I was uber excited about (was up until midnight the night before taping shoes after vetting for 10 hours) got cancelled and rescheduled. Instead of indulging in disappointment, I decided to take a more positive outlook. God sent the rain to water our gardens and to wash our cars! Immediately after this change of attitude, another opportunity to collaborate came up and of course, the sun also began to shine. So I spent the hot and sticky afternoon driving around Melbourne getting ready for the next photoshoot. The last thing on my mind was deciding what to wear at night to the opening of the dance spectacular ‘Peony Pavilion” at the Palais. But thankfully, I was able to debut my new Keegan peplum top and be able to keep in theme with this week’s SS13 trend: Blue & White. (Please see my previous post if you have no idea what I’m talking about). To see more of Keegan’s designs head [HERE].

DSC00336-001 DSC00334-001 DSC00341-001 DSC00338-001

Keegan top / Vintage skirt & clutch / Olivia Marcheline necklace / Samantha Wills ring (from Boxt Jewellery) / Tony Bianco heels

The dance drama was breath-takingly beautiful. I was so impressed by the orchestral music, set designs and costumes, not to mention the dancing! Fusing ballet moves with eastern music was quite genius. I’m not ashamed to say that in one particular scene my tears welled up and in another I shrieked in glee.  The central message of the show is that Love really can conquer Death! If you’re curious, there is one performance left on Wednesday night! I hope you don’t miss out. Special thanks to my dear friend Leeyong for putting up with my unending questions (I accidentally left my glasses in the car so missed out on some of the finer details) and for taking these snaps.

What do you think? Can Love really conquer all?