Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you’re embarking on an amazing week as you read this. Free weekends are a rare thing in my realm. If you’ve seen sneaky peeks on my Instagram feed you’d agree that last weekend was quite phenomenal I worked at the Melbourne Pet & Animal Expo on behalf of Greencross Vets on Saturday. Theodore was our little mascot, receiving so many pats I thought his tennisball-like head was going to flatten. Together, we experienced the largest petting zoo in the southern hemisphere (please don’t quote me on this, anecdotal evidence only), complete with squealing piglets and sweet alpacas. There was even a pig who sat on command (with the aid of Weetbix) and Timmy the wooly sheep. I was reluctant to leave.

From farm animals and pets to zoo animals. on Saturday night, I was ecstatic to visit Werribee Open Range Zoo for the first time. So shameful as vet school was only 5 minutes away… Fittingly, I brought my bestie who I went to college with to explore “Rhythm of Africa“. The 2 animal lovers were greeted by a friendly she-snake who enjoyed being photographed and a fine array of cheese which I was also bereaved to leave. An informative bus tour guided us through the vast Savanna to greet a plethora of majestic herbivores. I tell you, vegetarians have the lifestyle. As we witnessed the colossal yawn of a hippo, the prances of a zebra baby, and met a curious ostrich who almost joined us on the bus, for a moment, I thought I was in Africa.

But the weekend shenanigans were just beginning. On Sunday afternoon, after a massive bowl of curry-laksa-induced-food-coma, aka siesta, I rolled off the sofa into this World War II-inspired jacket/dress, clutched a vintage bag my godmother bestowed upon me 10 years ago, and found my way to the hip open-air concert, The Garden Party. My ears were captivated by the sweet serenades of Husky. Their euphonious harmonies made it difficult for everyone not tap/hum/sing/dance along. Seeing the adroit hands of the pianist filled me with both admiration and motivation. Is there anything sweeter than watching the sunset surrounded by the sounds of folk and a capella with your loved ones?

The most incredible weekend of 2013, it was impossible to leave you…