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by cecylia on February 4, 2013



Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you’re embarking on an amazing week as you read this. Free weekends are a rare thing in my realm. If you’ve seen sneaky peeks on my Instagram feed you’d agree that last weekend was quite phenomenal I worked at the Melbourne Pet & Animal Expo on behalf of Greencross Vets on Saturday. Theodore was our little mascot, receiving so many pats I thought his tennisball-like head was going to flatten. Together, we experienced the largest petting zoo in the southern hemisphere (please don’t quote me on this, anecdotal evidence only), complete with squealing piglets and sweet alpacas. There was even a pig who sat on command (with the aid of Weetbix) and Timmy the wooly sheep. I was reluctant to leave.

From farm animals and pets to zoo animals. on Saturday night, I was ecstatic to visit Werribee Open Range Zoo for the first time. So shameful as vet school was only 5 minutes away… Fittingly, I brought my bestie who I went to college with to explore “Rhythm of Africa“. The 2 animal lovers were greeted by a friendly she-snake who enjoyed being photographed and a fine array of cheese which I was also bereaved to leave. An informative bus tour guided us through the vast Savanna to greet a plethora of majestic herbivores. I tell you, vegetarians have the lifestyle. As we witnessed the colossal yawn of a hippo, the prances of a zebra baby, and met a curious ostrich who almost joined us on the bus, for a moment, I thought I was in Africa.

But the weekend shenanigans were just beginning. On Sunday afternoon, after a massive bowl of curry-laksa-induced-food-coma, aka siesta, I rolled off the sofa into this World War II-inspired jacket/dress, clutched a vintage bag my godmother bestowed upon me 10 years ago, and found my way to the hip open-air concert, The Garden Party. My ears were captivated by the sweet serenades of Husky. Their euphonious harmonies made it difficult for everyone not tap/hum/sing/dance along. Seeing the adroit hands of the pianist filled me with both admiration and motivation. Is there anything sweeter than watching the sunset surrounded by the sounds of folk and a capella with your loved ones?

The most incredible weekend of 2013, it was impossible to leave you…

 星期一快乐!我希望你正在开始奇妙的一周。我很少不在周末上班。上个星期也不例外,但上个周末是今年的突出。可能你已在Instagram上看到了一些亮点。其实星期六我上班了,但一整天在墨尔本的动物和宠物展览会和顾客谈关于他们的宠物,陪我的吉娃娃狗狗和小朋友们玩,并经历南半球最大的农场动物园(只是我的意见而已,仅供参考),对我来说,并不算 ‘上班’’。在展览会上我认识了一头会坐下来的猪 和一只毛茸茸的公羊名叫Timmy 。太可爱了,我简直不想离开。

但‘下了班’后,我去参加了Werribee 开放的动物园。二月份动物园有特殊的节目 ‘非洲节奏’,星期六晚上大人小孩都能经历如非洲野外的感受。一到动物园,一条友好的蟒蛇迎接了我和我的一位兽医好朋友。我们品尝了许多美味的奶酪。接着,我们乘了一辆观光巴士游览了动物园所有的草食动物。它们住得好舒适!我们见了一头河马张大嘴,小斑马腾跃,甚至碰到一只也想上巴士的鸵鸟。那片刻,仿佛我在非洲的稀树草原中。。。

这只是星期六。星期天的下午,睡了午觉后,我下了沙发,穿了一条由第二世界大战所启发的大衣/裙子,去了Southbank的露天音乐会, The Garden Party。我从没听过Husky的音乐,他们美妙的歌词与和声让人念念不忘。我看到每个人都被他们动听的歌声入迷了,有的一起唱,有的一起哼,有的踏着脚,有的全身跳。最让我难忘的是弹钢琴的熟练的手,使我钦佩也给我激励。一边听着歌声,太阳下山了,但我不愿意离开2013最棒的周末。。。

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Mica February 4, 2013 at 9:03 pm

Sounds like such a lovely weekend! Love the fun photos with the gnome too :)


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