Fame Agenda Printed top & Skirt / Habbot pumps with vintage shoe clips / Vintage shades, belt & bag

I nearly applauded when I saw this colourful print at Fame Agenda last week. The idea of having bejewelled brooches all over but sans the weight and fragility of sparkly ornaments is ingeious! The brilliant top buttons are cherries on top. I must admit, the thought of scouring vintage shops and markets for the exact same brooches to pin onto their whereabouts on these pieces did cross my mind. But then again, I have a life. This vintage jacket has been waiting patiently for years to be showcased. After being inspired by Dsquared2, today it finally met its match. Of course, I long do create a quadriple denim look with it for you, but we’ll have to wait until I have all the perfect ingredients. Isn’t fashion so fickle? A short attention span is her defining trait. It only seemed like yesterday we let fashion’s rebellious streak of mix-matching run wild, when suddenly, looking prim and proper is the new black. What do you prefer? To match or to mismatch?