vintage Bruno Marentti Kitten heels perched on my favourite candelabra and books

Have you ever wondered how some ladies can totter around in towering heels, take manly strides and yet still look elegant? They are French. But for the rest of mankind, after many years of sole-searching, I finally have the answer for you. The secret is this. Practice. Practice. Practice. No one can suddenly, overnight, master the art of the stiletto. It’s impossible. But if you set aside your trusty flats along with your fear of heights, embrace kitten heels. And when you can hopscotch in them, challenge pumps. Then when high heels no longer make you grimace, speak these 3 fearless little words to platforms. Repeat after me, “Bring it on.” Congratulations. You now have mastered the art of heels. Wear them high. Wear them proud. Wear them every night.