US Vogue 2005, Annie Leibovitz, styled by Grace Coddington

Vogue March 2012

Craig McDean, styled by Grace Coddington

Steven-Meisel, styled by GraceCoddington, September 2011 US Vogue
Steven Klein, styled by Grace Coddington, Vogue US September 2003

US Vogue September 2004, Steven Klein, styled by Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington, Harper's Bazaar, April 1964 Photo Ternce Donovan

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Absolutely thrilled to borrow this book from Delia of What Should I Wear (thank you so much!). I seem to be on an editor roll, have so much to read, to learn and to apply from fashion’s greatest. Before I get started on Grace’s Memoir, I’m already asking questions: How does she do it? I’m fascinated by people who can create. What joy it must be to realise your vision, to transform an idea, a scene, a theme into a 3D art form! As you can imagine, veterinary training was very different to the skills required of a stylist. There’s more  experimenting, imagination invovled and less animal excrement. I’d love to know if Grace started off with flatlays, did she try the outfits on herself, or do all the clothes just ‘speak’ to her? How does one create such beauty, movement and life with stills? How does she balance fantasy and realism so perfectly? How does she style the clothing so beautifully and yet more importantly, capture the lifestyle? Guess there’s only one way to find out! I’ll tell you after I have devoured this tangerine hardback.

Do you have a favourite editor? Is there one that influences your style in particular?