Vintage shades, belt & pants / DIY earrings (by Leeyong Soo) / Alldressedup Top / Ghost & Lola bracelet / Miss Sixty heels

Can you believe that Loca-the-Irish-pug-that-can’t-run and the blistering Melbourne heat inspired this vivid getup? I know that the Flounce is on SS13’s style radar. But just because we live in the opposite side of the globe, it doesn’t mean that we have to wait 6 months to adopt the  trend. Does it? Since it’s a summer frill, I kept things bright and light. I’ve left these pineapple pants in the waiting room for way too long, last time they were worn was here. The shapes and shades are very grin-inducing. Also wanted to show you these incredible tassel earrings my dear friend Leeyong made for me. Check out her inspiring blog here. Aware of my addiction, this is not the first pair she created for yours truly either. More on that another time…

I hope these photos brighten your day. If not, just watch Loca! While the reality is that she is probably suffering from a neurological disorder, as can be the case for many of her breed, she seems to be happily enjoying life and possesses the cutest Irish accent! “Bouncing, Flouncing, Falling all around the show…” Enjoy the start of your week!