Witchery Dress /  Self-Made Earrings / Vintage Camisole, shades (other cateye styles here), belt (click for a similar one ) & bag/ Urban Soul heels

If Love is patient, then my beautiful bestie Lisa is Love. After awaiting half of her life for this memorable moment (read 13 years 5 months), she and her high school sweetheart literally tied the knot last weekend (sorry for the lack of photographic evidence, but you will just have to believe me, there was a ribbon tying ceremony). Although I’ve known the groom for over a decade, their wedding day really highlighted why my bestie fell for him. Having been born and raised in Paris, he speaks 5 languages. And who knew that conversing in French really does maketh a man more attractive!

The romantic affair was somewhat a sweet trip down memory lane. So many old friends (years of friendship, not age) in sight, so many unfinished conversations, as well as new introductions, it was like a reunion, celebrating their union. The rain saluted briefly and the sun greeted with a royal wave. Aside from a few crude jokes that almost brought everyone back to a cringe-worthy high-school setting, the day was perfect. Could there have been a better way to end the day than to watch a group of aunties and uncles dance Gangnam style whilst indulging in a dessert buffet? Probably not. After all, love is sweet.

Congratulations Lisa & Ray. xx