Have you noticed that I’ve been using the #BrilliantRoadTrip hashtag on Instagram (@cecyliadotcom), Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter a bit lately? Well Christmas came early for me, I’m going on a road trip with Chian and Theodore! Still unsure how, but I was chosen to be 1 of 10 to go on a self-planned road trip anywhere in Down Under, courtesy of Hyundai. And if they fancy my photos, videos and enthusiasm, I could even win a brand new Hyundai! The thought of finally having our own car after 5 years of ‘borrowing’ my parents’ is making my eyes water but I refuse to entertain the thought of the unknown.

I cannot be thankful enough to Hyundai for giving me this much-craved mini-getaway. I’ve never visited Ballarat, Bendigo or Bonnie Doon (I know, shock horror, and you call yourself a culture aficionado Cecylia!), so can’t wait to raid these towns! Hyundai is also treating us to dine at Royal Mail and Yering Station, a paddle boat ride on Lake Eildon (where I used to go to maths camp…), playtime with the birds in Healesville (I know, the vet in me…) and much more. I’m literally bursting out of my seams, super-excited to be going on this once-in-a-lifetime-trip. Of course I’ve gone overboard and created an inspiration board on Pinterest (See below), packed way too many outfits and updated my will. But what is a Brilliant Road Trip without fashion, food and fun?

A snapshot of my Brilliant Road Trip Pinterest board

I’m not sure how great reception is in the middle of nowhere, so if you never hear from me again it may be because a) I lost our map, b) Theodore decided to join the circus, or c) we cannot bear the thought of giving back the Hyundai…