Hands up if you knew what the title of this post is without consulting Google? Well you my friend, are quite the linguist. Bravo! I must admit, I had trouble thinking up of an enticing title for this post. Anything would have been better than ‘A Hokum Scarf Give-Away!” Anything in French, that is. So there you have it, we got to the crux of this post within 10 seconds of you reading. And yes, all of these accessories came for an outing just for the sake of a scarf. But not any scarf. A Hokum scarf.


Is there anything more synonymous with exotic getaways than silk scarves? Probably not.

Karla Spetic top (similar styles here) / Hokum Speedway Blossom scarf as skirt / vintage shades, earrings, leather necklace, bangle, bag & ring / Salita Matthews necklace & bracelet / Miss Sixty shoes

Winner of Debut’s  Best Accessory Label, this is the scarf label that wowed me during my reporting stint at Fashion Exposed. The name ‘Hokum‘ draws “a desired response from an audience”. And fittingly so, the beautiful vibrant designs, intricate hand-finished hems and deluxe packaging makes Hokum a covetable piece for the scarf connoisseur.

Of course there are countless ways you can tie the knot (no pun intended I assure you), around your neck, but why not let your hips have some fun too? You can wear it as a wrap-around skirt, knot it as a bag or tie it as a top. The possibilities are endless. Original artwork, inspired by travel, I give you Hokum. I’m serious. I am giving away ANY Hokum scarf of your choosing, courtesy of Hokum. Funny that.

Just head [HERE] to pick your favourite style and leave a comment below with your favourite style. Tres facile! Comp ends 12 November.


Did you spot the 3 different ways I wore the Hokum scarf as a skirt?