BECK Caulfield Guineas Day was just incredible. After having butterflies fixed onto my skull, hubby and I headed down to Spoonbill, where The Olsen Hotel and Style Counsel hosted a delicious social breakfast to introduce Bright Young Things including Tom Riley (Pjohnson Tailors), Lisa J. Xu (Lady of Leisure Milinery), Bernadatte Alice Francis (whose MSFW graduate show we videoed here), Chelsea Bagan (Trophy Wife Nail Art), Katia Di Cresenzo, Emily Jane and Skye Stuart (Skye Isabella MUA) to a handful of fashion bloggers. It was superb to meet Lisa, an avid reader of my blog, also with a professional alter ego, and to see Katia, a lovely friend from my retail days. Needless to say, amazing things will bloom from this rendezvous, and I’ll be sure to inform you in due course. After nibbling on gourmet sweets, we galloped to the Caulfield Racecourse for some track-side action!


Sarah (Style Melbourne) & Jess (What Would Karl Do)

The best looking blogging couple: Jesse & Micah of Raww

The ever-so-stylish duo Philip Boon & Jenny Bannister

Giaan Rooney & Emily McFarlane

Chadstone Fashion Stakes Judges: Silvana Lovin & White Suede Designer: Jacqui Demkiw

Racing Fashion: Jess, Phoebe, Sonia, Sarah & I

Pretty Presenter: Bree Laughlan in Mossman & Willow

"What do you want from me?" Adam Lambert asks Jesinta Campbell, Fashion & Social Ambassador of BMW Caulfield Cup Carnival

Flanked by the Ladies in Black: Micah & Janice Breen Burns

Psst...Pumps are the new Black

My entourage: The fun, the frivolity and the friends!

Some highlights from Guineas Day: waking up to grey clouds but arriving upon a clear blue sky, hubby lending me his phone because I mindlessly left my blogging device at home, having butterflies knocked off my head (kids, this fascinator is not for the faint-headed) through cheek kissing, savouring the delicious juicy oysters served at the Pommery Pegasus Club marquee, and having my very own entourage for the Chadstone Fashion Stakes. Thank God for the perfect weather, amazing company and a fun-packed day!

Happy Hump Day lovelies!