Last Saturday a childhood friend married his amazing lady in holy matrimony. It was the first Asian-guy and White-girl wedding I’ve ever attended! Ok before you point your controversy labelling gun at me, please allow me to explain. I’ve realised, with the help of a certain vocal artist, that there are so many couples composed of Asian-girls and White-guys, but not so much the other way around. Why? I have absolutley no idea! This bewedded couple is hands down one of, if not, the coolest pair I know. And my next blog post will prove to you just that. But in the meantime, my advice for a half Asian wedding? Wear red, because the Asians will love it. Don’t wear Asian style, and the Westerners will love it. So it’s a win win for everyone!


Where: St Kilda Town Hall

Wear: Sophia Kokosalaki dress (similar one here), Mawi necklace, vintage clutch, Zara coat, YSL pumps

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