A Launch & a Lunch

by cecylia on August 29, 2012

Yesterday, I had the utmost privilege and pleasure to attend the launch of CANTURI‘s new collection: Odyssey. The name is befitting as the luxe Australian fine jewellery label has been showcasing exquisite collections and taking wearers on a journey of modern sophistication and splendour for over two decades. For the longest time, I didn’t realise that CANTURI originated in Sydney, because designer Stefano Canturi has amassed such an international and celebrity following, Oprah, Nicole Kidman, and Linda Evangelista are just some of Canturi’s clients. Inspired by the perfect fusion of art and heritage, Stefano’s impeccable designs, having both contemporary and heirloom characteritics, demonstrate CANTURI’s fine craftsmanship and the designer’s sound knowledge of proportion, balance and glamour. “To be a good jewellery designer“, he says, “You also need to be a good sculpturer and an engineer.”

昨天我很荣幸参加珠宝牌CANTURI新的首饰系列:奥德赛 (译:旅程)。这个新系列的名字很恰当因为这二十多年来CANTURI带着顾客走上了一个现代化,优雅以及华丽的路程。实说,我去年才知道CANTURI原来是个澳洲悉尼的品牌。著名的设计师Stefano Canturi获得了许多好莱坞明星的支持和爱慕,例如奥普拉, 妮可·基德曼,琳达丽斯塔等。由着艺术和历史的启发,Stefano精巧,和谐,迷人的设计带着当代风味也像传家宝,显示了CANTURI惊人的精细做工。“成为一位优秀的珠宝设计师”,他说,“你必须也是一位优秀的雕塑家和工程师。’

After the bijoux decadence, Lady Melbourne and I headed to the Grand Hyatt for the Media Lunch of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. A delectable lunch was served: tender sirloin steak with velvety bone marrow butter and layers of smooth dark chocolate married with salted caramel. I eyed off an unattended dessert more than once. Sitting between Christine Barro and Alpha 60‘s Alex Cleary, we were introduced to the Faces of MSFW who are just as excited about next week as we are. And boy, are we in for a treat! Which MSFW events are you attending next week?

看完了闪闪发光的珠宝后, 我和朋友Lady Melbourne一起去Grand Hyatt旅馆参加墨尔本春季服装节的媒体午餐。好美味的中餐: 香嫩的牛腩和润滑的骨髓油,黑巧克力蛋糕和咸糖酱。我吃饱了还盯着一盆每人吃的甜点:)坐在我的左边是首饰商Christine, 右边是墨尔本设计师Alpha 60的 Alex Cleary。主持人向介绍大家墨尔本春季服装节的三位重要模特,他们为下个星期的服装表演感到非常兴奋,我们也如此。你会去下个星期的节目吗?

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Mica August 29, 2012 at 9:50 pm

Looks like a fun event! Those jewellery pieces are stunning!


Aki! August 30, 2012 at 4:14 am

What a creative title describing two awesome events!

Kate August 30, 2012 at 5:06 am

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