A few weekends ago we watched Men in Black III. The most supernatural feature of the film is that Will Smith still looks as charming, handsome, and YOUNG as he did 15 years ago. Uncanny eh? Well we were warned. “Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.

Apparently there’s an urban legend that Asians don’t age… until they reach 60…then they turn into a shrivelled plum… I’m sure that my warm embrace of cakes and junk food, and negligence to acquire enough sleep is not going to keep me on the youth path. But since there’s no avoiding it, I’ll try my best. I have no idea what the next 15 years will hold, but I really hope that Theodore will still be around, I’ll still be blogging, and that I can still wear my clothes. So this is a ‘demonstration’ outfit, what I wish I would be wearing in 15 years. A crisp white shirt. Check. Black tailored pants. Check. Artistic heels. Check. A big and bold necklace. Check. And an adorable pooch. Check!

A few weeks back Facebook revealed to you about these lace pants, my latest vintage spoils. So here they are, in the flesh! There are similar pairs herehere and here. As much as I tried to avoid the lace on lace look, (I even pushed aside 2 lace tops, including this one) I could not refuse this blouse, which I last wore here. Plus all ladies 15 years older than me love wearing black and white. Right?

Where: Outside a school

Wear: Vintage everything except shoes

We all know that what we do now significantly impacts our future. Therefore, we shouldn’t let even one day go to waste. Every day has a purpose, every day has its lessons and each day plays a part of a greater journey. I don’t know the secret to Asian ageing, nor do I know how Will Smith escaped the ravages of time. But if Men in Black III had something to teach me, it is this:

Agent K: Do you know what is the most destructive power in the universe?

Agent J: Sugar?

Sci-fi movies, why do you always have to ruin it for all of us? Especially when my birthday cake tomorrow will be solidly saccharine..

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