Last week an Image Consultant picked my brains about the secret to great style, how to be stylish on holidays, the current trends, who inspires me, and more. Her questions were really thought-provoking and included ones such as ‘What’s the one piece of advice women need but don’t get?” If you like fashion, and reading, here’s the interview. Let me know your thoughts on my thoughts.

When I Facebooked that I wore a pretty extravagant outfit for the 3rd day of MBAFW, you all asked me to spill some footage. I sneaked a little something on Instagram (@cecyliadotcom) as a teaser, but here I am to satisfy your curiosity with these. As aforementioned, I’ve had this vintage frock in the closet for 15 years (even if it wasn’t vintage then, it is now!). Couldn’t go pass an eye-candy like this in the op-shop. Took it home, stared at it for a day, but then left it in abandonment. Until now! The revival of spring prints, bold hues and my thick skin worked in perfect harmony to showcase the dress along with the incredible Paula Walden neck creation once again. Men, take note. Why only buy your ladies a bouquet of perishable petals* when you can represent your undying love in the form of timeless laser-cut blooms?

Where: somewhere in the Sydney CBD

Wear: Vintage dress, Paula Walden neck-piece, vintage shades & bag, Repetto shoes

*Men, that said, you should still buy your ladies flowers.