Bonjour ma cherie! How has your week been so far? I’ve been juggling work and catching up with family and friends these few days. Time spent with them are the most tresured and memorable moments. I hope you get a chance to spend time with your loved ones this week.

This is one of those practically all vintage outfits again, so I’m going to hand over more op-shopping tips. In this last post I gave you tips on buying and choosing the pieces. Today I’ll fill you in about vintage care.

Clean, wash and steam every vintage clothing you take home even if it’s been washed already by the lovely store manager, and especially if the piece is a natural fibre, like silk, cotton, linen or wool. Or else you will also be inviting a whole hoard of fabrics pests. The larvae are particularly attracted to perspiration, they eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. EWW! I know, that’s why it’s paramount that you steam them into oblivion. Hot water is their worst enemy. If you don’t have a steamer, and are strapped for time, hang your new acquisitions outside in the sun and let Mr Golden Rays offer a lending hand.

This shirt will be familiar to you if you’ve read this post. It is one of these vintage pieces even though is not made from natural fibre (usually a big no-no for me) and doesn’t even fit me, it still gets my heart racing when I see it. The amazing kaleidoscopic shirt features so many iconic fashion prints: houndstooth, bright colours, Baroque, floral motifs, even Batik! Can you recognise them? And it features all the primary and secondary colours. They do say that the first thing we are attracted to a garment, is its hue. I found some Versace shirts with rad prints for you here.

More house-keeping tips on clothing and accessories in general are that shoes and woolen garments should not be worn 2 days in a row, instead they should be rested, shoes to be dried, and woollens to be given a chance to ‘bounce’ back into shape, for 2 days before they are worn again. This means that you should only wear the same shoes/woollen every 3 days. I’ve found that my shoes and jumpers/wool dresses last much longer this way and hardly enlarge. Hope these tips are handy for you!

Where: going grocery shopping

Wear: Vintage shirt (similar ones here), sunnies + skirt, Kenzo bag, Repetto slingback booties (available on my online store)