I scored this skirt in a vintage store in Berne, Switzerland 3 years ago and have not worn it since. Have forgotten how incredible it is – the print, the colours, the length and the duo pockets! They are big enough to fit books, pens, phones, candy… It paints a picture of the export of chocolate from Mexico to Spain! (I’m eating chocolate as I write this post!) Never expected to learn history from a skirt now, did we?

Actually everything I’m wearing is vintage, I’ve had these kitten heels for over 10 years, love them to death! Thank God the Mid Heel is back, with its sensible feminine charm and practical walkability. My sunnies are vintage, last seen here. The stripey top is an all-time favourite, although I’m eyeing off this cashmere version by Crumpet majorly as it’s much softer and luxurious. And I’m sure you’re wondering where the 7 Dwarves necklace is from – I found it at the Oakleigh Sunday Market (open every Sunday morning), can you imagine how excited I was when I discovered it underneath a pile of beads and trinkets? EX-CA-VATION! The snakeskin bag (last seen here) was a gift from my mother, a keen thrifter also. I made this gold florette ring 10 years ago, when I used to have more free time.

But aside from the vintage eye-candy, can you tell me what you think of the hair cut? Ok so I didn’t brush my hair this morning, but I am utterly in love with the new texturised bob, thanks to Mr. D from Silky Waves in Port Melbourne. Mr. D comes from a family where over 75% of  its members are hairdressers! He is a perfectionist and also adores Vidal Sassoon. I’ve never before trusted anyone else this much with my hair, but with Mr. D, I’m happy to let him decide what’s best for me.

Silky Waves 236 Bay Street Port Melbourne  (03) 9646 9446

I hope you are having a beautiful week, on Friday I have a very very marvelous surprise for you! Watch this space :)