You may recall a babe taking photos of me in my previous post? Well here is Jessie, director of We The People blog– love her combination of leather and fur. Jessie is also featured in this week’s Famous magazine. Each of her outfits inspired me.

And the achingly hip Sam, designer of the hottest eco-friendly Melbourne-based label Bento, who was chased by photographers to get photos of her throughout the week.

Yvan Rodic, the Face Hunter, one of my favourite blogs, takes photos of chic citizens. But I got a photo of him!

And the amazing Frock Writer, Patty Huntington, whose resume is too extensive for me to quote inaccurately. This seasoned fashion journalist is wearing a vintage coat/dress she scored from Shag and her pink pumps are Dolce & Gabbana. Patty and my husband share the same birthday. She was seen dancing between backstage and front-row.

Now here is another journalist lady I must introduce to you. Caroline Attwood, Associate Editor of WGSN. This gorgeous Londoner and I hit it off on first sight. Maybe because the London accent is the only one I can semi-mimick. We met at a show on the first day, then sat next to each other front-row in Gail Sorronda’s show. Thank you Gail! Then for the rest of fashion week, we kept bumping into each other, literally we somehow end up sitting next to each other at every second show! Coincidence?

You know how I super missed my canine son Theodore whilst we were in Sydney? Next time we are so checking into a pet-friendly hotel, although we are pretty attached to Park8 now, maybe the Darlinghurst branch, they love pooches. We met Oliver, the pink Pomeranian whose owner (right), Julien, had a very enviable wardrobe, and Keira, centre, is Oliver’s hair stylist. Oliver was the best behaved Pomeranian I’ve ever met, such a delight to have around. He was better behaved than some kids that came to the shows. Oliver, Julien and Keira was often spotted in the front-row. I think Theodore would have loved Oliver.