Last week, I was delighted to be invited by Art Series Hotel Group to Mod Dance, the World Premiere of Graeme Murphy’s Suite Synergy, presented by the Mod Dance Company (MDC) at The Arts Centre, State Theatre. Graeme Murphy, a household name, has been the darling director and choreographer of Australian and international dance companies. He was the choreographer of this production and the Chief Patron of Mod Dance Company. I am amazed that he and his beautiful wife, Janet Vernon, have been married and have worked together side by side for so many years! More of their globally accolades can be found here.

After work, I rushed to the Tram Bar and had a glass of my favourite wine- the T Gallant Juliette Muscato.

I met my lovely host Liz, her sequinned jacket is stunning! Liz and I chatted about our pets before we went to watch the spectacular. She has a gorgeous Schnauzer, wish our dogs could meet one day!

You know how much I love art, and even more when I can pose with art. If you look closely, he not only is wearing a goose and is patting my shoulder, this dude is blinking!

I cannot begin to describe what a visual sensation this dance show has been. The costumes, the movements, the sequences, the music!!! Suite Synergy featured eighteen exceptionally talented young dancers from the Mod Dance Company, accompanied by a pulsating percussion accompaniment performed live by four musicians. The second half of the show even incorporated dancers dancing with the musicians! And musicians percussing on the dancers! This live performance required so much talent and diligence because the dancers danced so precisely to the challenging beats of the live musicians. Whilst everyone thundered with applauses, I sneakily took some photos for you to have a squiz :)

The energetic dancers with the musicians. The composer and Muscia Director is Michael Askill, wearing black and a white scarf. Graeme Murphy and Janet are centre-stage with Brett Morgan in the middle.

And the best part of the night? My beautiful friends at ADORN were sponsors for the event and all the dancers were ‘adorned’ by the natural mineral cosmetics. No wonder the dancers were so beautifully made-up and they still looked so fresh after nearly 2 hours of strenuous performing. I was lucky to have helped to style this shoot, so to see it on the back cover of the dance booklet blew my mind!

If you love contemporary dancing and music, and enjoy some live humour, don’t miss out on Suite Synergy, the tickets can be purchased here. The Mod Dance Company is currently in Sydney, continue to wow the crowd guys! Thank you so much for having me!

Manning Cartell blazer/Antonia Goy silk dress/vintage brooch and belt/Mawi ring/Repetto Mila heels