Hubby, Theodore and I drove up to Daylesford for a few days a while back to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We don’t usually indulge in mini trips but since we’ve literally been flat out, we desperately needed a rest. I can’t believe we haven’t visited Daylesford earlier!  The drive was beautiful, the cottage we rented was a dream-house and we were in the heart of the spa country. I brought a few vintage pieces thjat I never get to wear in Melbourne to be styled and worn for these blog posts, hope you enjoy them, because I got stung by a dozen mosquitoes during the short course of this shoot!

What are you all doing this weekend? I’m vetting this weekend, then attending a runway show on Sunday night…and I have to finish my last styling assignment and plan our boutique’s birthday bash! Ah! So much to do! I hope you have a much more relaxing weekend! *muah*

Vintage floral dress/vintage wicker bag/’Pinkie’ the snail ring/Chloe shoes