So, after my full-on day composing of a showing, a visit to my old school, coffee break with a friend, going to 2 runway shows at GPO, and a movie at ACMI, I headed home for a nanna-nap before the LMFF Menswear Runway Show. However my barky dogs prevented me from getting zzzz because of their woofs. So please excuse me for looking so tired.

How could I resist a cow in a tree?

It was awesome to see my girlfriend Jess (What Would Karl Do), also in black and white. Trust me, we did not discuss this before hand! I actually bought a vintage tuxedo for my husband but he wasn’t keen on wearing it so I ‘stole’ the pants. When I saw the white ruffled shirt, also vintage, I knew these  are a marriage in heaven. The irony is that a few weeks ago I was musing to myself…wouldn’t it be cool to attend the Menswear Runway show in a demi-tux? So when I was called earlier today to confirm that I could attend, I knew instantly what I was going to wear!

The labels shown, in alphabetical order, are Arthur Galan AG, Alpha60, Autonomy, Campaign, Farage, From Britten, Threeoverone and Vanishing Elephant. I simply loved this white double-breasted suit. And yeah, I’d wear it too!

Note the uber cool Jefferson Hack (left of the dude with the hat), magazine editor of Dazed & Confused. Actually this is how I feel right now…due to lack of sleep…

The Face of LMFF – Melissa George. The photos of her in the LMFF booklet was shot in Oct 2010, she was a brunette then. Both she and Grant Pearce, Creative director of LMFF, are applauding because….

Supermodel Helena Christensen is in the house!!! She is the guest model of the Menswear Runway Show, she is dressed in Alex Perry and wearing Specsavers frames. She is the Ambassador of Specsavers and has also photographed campaigns for them! Yes on the other side of the lens!

After a few decades of modling, not only does Helena still have her stunning Danish looks, she still has her famous walk- and does she walk well! The other ironic thing is that earlier today I went to watch ‘Catwalk’ at ACMI and in the movie, Helena actually talks about ageing models! And here she is, in the flesh!

The photographers were in over-drive.

Energy-packed dancers performed in between the runway collections and got everyone in the mood for more action!

I loved the library books and belt as props for the Preppy Look.

Absolutely Stunning. This wrap-dress is too sexy for words.

So thank you LMFF for having me. I knew this runway show was one NOT to be missed, so even though I was deeply sleep-deprived, my excitement drowned my drowsiness.

The beautiful Lou Pardi, editor-at-large of Peppermint Magazine, also in a Hannah Blouse by Bento! And the most amazing leather neck-piece! Go blouse-and-pants ensembles! :)

With the Caped Crusader- gorgeous Micah Gianelli of Raww//Blog. She has the most luscious locks!

And her boyfriend, photographer J-Dawg, in the most insane Jeremy Scott for Adidas jacket, the epaulets are detachable!!!

Ok, couldn’t resist the giant rabbit either :) In vintage-everything (shirt, brooch, belt, pants and clutch), except the Snail ring (a souvenir from Malaysia), the Specsavers glasses and the Midas wedges. I hope you’ve enjoyed these LMFF posts, because there are more coming our way!